Director’s Statement

Director’s Statement

I know that children’s belief in themselves is strongly related to how they progress at school.

Since 1998, Pro Ed House School has been successfully teaching students to learn how to learn by integrating learning strategies through each daily activity and by showing them how to become effective learners.

When a child regularly fails at school, he/she ceases to try, avoids challenging situations and falls increasingly behind her/his peers. I also feel for their parents, the concern they express, their disappointments and confusion as they try to help their child.

It has been my lifelong passion to assist these children to develop and grow into competent young people, who are able to reach their rich potential. At Pro Ed House School we believe in growing children into smart and confident learners, able to face the ever growing challenges of the 21st Century.

It is generally accepted now that a solid foundation in the early years at school is essential and at Pro Ed House School we lay this foundation.  We have a high record of success by:

  • Cultivating dispositions to learn independently and in collaboration with others.
  • Encouraging the use of strategies and tools to help with learning.
  • Intensive, evidence-based instruction in reading, writing and Maths.

Our therapists assist the process by focusing on the skills underlying learning, skills such as verbal expression, visual-spatial perception and emotional resilience.

Again and again we are rewarded by our past learners, who often return to visit and to tell us of their achievements in the years after leaving Pro Ed House School. They are accomplished young people, who shine as head of schools, graduates in business, actresses and even an Olympic gold medallist.

- Dr Anita Worrall, BA Hons (McGill, Canada) MA PhD (Cornell, USA), Dipl in Sp Ed (Canberra, Australia)


"I remember so clearly the day when I was at the threshold of Pro Ed, holding back my tears and uncertain as to what would become of Steven (*). I cannot thank you enough for the kindness, care and humanity with which you received us and which you continue to show us. Thank you for having made a place for Steven at your special school."

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