Term Calendar


First Term:                  18 January –  31 March

Second Term:             18 April – 30 June

Third Term:                 24 July – 29 September

Fourth Term:              9 October – 6 December


First Term:                  14 January to 18 March

Second Term:             5 April  to 24 June

Third Term:                 19 July to 30 September

Fourth Term:               10 October to 7 December


"I asked Michael (*) how his reading is coming along and this was his reply: “Mom, in our classroom there is a sign in the reading area that says Reading is Fun, well reading is now fun but at (previous school) it was never fun!” I asked him why he felt this way now, and this was his reply: “Because at Pro Ed they have changed the way we have to read and it is just far more fun”. A friend’s mom overhead this conversation between her son and Michael, Michael’s friend asked: “how is your new school Mike?” He answered: “I love my new school”. His friend asked, “Why?” and Michael answered “because there is no pressure on me”. "

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