Poem by a parent

13 December 2013

Tracy Bax (2013)

Pro Ed Mothers

We’ve travelled a splintered plain
With thoughts isolated and often tinged by rain
Hopes and fears compounded
Confused and surrounded

The custodianship of our amazing children
A broad thorn edged maze
Education an unavoidable dread
A childhood a frozen phase
Though time and pain the thread
A realization and an aurora haze

Children now connected
Cradled, educated and respected
The time to flourish and shine
For both, for one and all
A gift, a place, a space
A child with grace

We no longer feel the fall after a bewildering haul
Sharing with like minded mothers
The secret, the knowledge only another
Mother could know
We are proud to grow
To belong, to show

We are bound by a common thread
We now recall how to lie, to sit, to be
To watch the clouds carry and drift away
We can let go and celebrate a new way
A start of a simple day

We are tall
We no longer have to recall
We love, we hope, we dream
We reflect in the moving stream

We are proud
To share
This unspoken bond
A glittering magical pond

We are Pro Ed Mothers.


"When the mainstream school informed us that Junaid (*) had learning difficulties and had given up on him, we came across pro Ed. This was the BEST decision we could ever have made for him and for us as a family. The staff welcomed him and us, always focusing on the POSITIVES and he thrived. He gained so much confidence and finally began to believe in himself, came out from behind the walls he had built to protect himself from all the criticism. Once he mainstreamed into high school he was elected Head Boy. We believe that he would never have been able to accomplish this without having attended Pro Ed."

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