Book Week 2016

08 June 2016

Our annual Book Week was held from 15 August to 19 August 2016.  Our pupils were introduced to an array of exciting and appealing books through lively and humorous dramatisation by the Hooked on Books team.  The Rural Child Charity Book Shop displayed beautiful second hand books.  These were made available to the pupils, teachers and parents to purchase.  As always, we were all spoilt for choice by the wonderful array of books on sale.  The culmination of this exciting week was Book Costume Dress Up Day on the Friday of Book Week.   Some very creative and innovative costumes were adorned by learners.  This effort was acknowledged and rewarded with Exclusive Books vouchers.

During Book Week they also had the opportunity of inviting their grandparents or a special person in their life to read with them at school.  Grandparents were also treated to a scrumptious tea and cake.


"I asked Michael (*) how his reading is coming along and this was his reply: “Mom, in our classroom there is a sign in the reading area that says Reading is Fun, well reading is now fun but at (previous school) it was never fun!” I asked him why he felt this way now, and this was his reply: “Because at Pro Ed they have changed the way we have to read and it is just far more fun”. A friend’s mom overhead this conversation between her son and Michael, Michael’s friend asked: “how is your new school Mike?” He answered: “I love my new school”. His friend asked, “Why?” and Michael answered “because there is no pressure on me”. "

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