Admission Process

Pro Ed House School is a school for bright children who present with learning difficulties.

Children are admitted following a review of multidisciplinary assessments, including recent assessment reports from an educational psychologist, a speech and language therapist, occupational therapists (if required), medical history and school reports.

Criteria for admission are carefully scrutinised on whether Pro Ed House School has the resources to assist the applicant.

Pro Ed Assessment and Therapy Centre, affiliated to Pro Ed House School is a multidisciplinary centre offering assessments and therapies. Should your child not have received previous assessments the team at Pro Ed Centre will assess your child. This does not automatically guarantee admission to the school. Once again, the suitability of our resources to the child’s needs is considered by the multidisciplinary team.


The parent is asked to complete an Application for Admission and Terms and Conditions of Enrolment Form and to send it to Pro Ed House School.

On acceptance a non-refundable Development Fee of R20 000.00 is required at this point.  Should your child start during the course of the academic year a full or pro-rata fee for the current month will be payable.

Here are the steps to guide your Application for Enrolment:

Step 1

Call Pro Ed House School to make application, a file will be opened and a questionnanire will be sent to you via email.

Step 2

Email the completed questionnaire to along with all the supporting assessments and other documents such as school reports, therapy reports and medical reports.

Step 3

The multidisciplinary team at Pro Ed House School considers the application and decides whether Pro Ed House has the available resources to help your child.

Step 4

You will then be contacted to set up a time for an appointment.

An assessment by an educational psychologist on either the WISC-IV or WISC-V is essential before the child can be considered.  That is in order to determine the child’s profile of strengths and weaknesses.  This assessment is preferably undertaken by the staff at Pro Ed Centre the cost of which will be borne by the parents.

Step 5

Your child requires a Literacy assessment and a Maths assessment prior to entering the school. The cost of these assessments will be borne by the parents.


"Barry (*) really enjoyed being at Pro Ed House. He made good progress and lasting friendships during his time there. As his parents, we are grateful for the respect and kindness shown to us all."

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