Through research-based and internationally acclaimed programmes,the highly qualified multidisciplinary team at Pro Ed House School are supporting children in order to become successfully reintegrated into mainstream primary schools, high schools and beyond.

Academic Programme

Whereas adherence to the WCED curriculum and CAPS documents are essential components, a considerable proportion of our children’s academic day is devoted to strengthening basic skills. To this effect the number of children in one classroom remains small (12 to 13 children per class).  The teachers are experienced and qualified, many with specialized education training.  

A multidisciplinary team of psychologists, occupational therapists and speech and language therapists are on hand to work with the children. They are led by psychologist, Dr Anita Worrall, an internationally acknowledged learning specialist, with over thirty years experience in assessing children, developing and monitoring individual learning plans and consulting with their parents.

Physical Education

We consider physical education and sport to be a vital component of education for all learners. Physical Education is part of the curriculum at Foundation, Intermediate and Senior Phases and is offered once or twice a week. Our Movement Coach is on hand to ensure the physical well being of our children. In addition, we offer many specialised, active Extra Murals.

Art and Technology Department

The thinking strategies of Habits of Mind, De Bono’s Thinking Hats and Thinking Maps, continue into the Art and Technology Department’s curriculum.  Our approach is interdisciplinary as we use art as a tool to revise and enrich what is being taught in the classroom.  In the art room we use a vast variety of media such as paint, pastel, charcoal, ink, watercolour, recyclables; and an equally broad range of techniques such as printing, observational drawing, sculpture; in order to allow the learners to express themselves in a variety of ways.

Extramural Activities

Pro Ed House School offers a variety of exciting extra murals. The following activities are currently on offer: Art Club, Box Fit, Chess Club, Computer Club, Curious Cubs, Fit Club, Games 4 Brains, Guitar, Karate, Music Recorder Club, Surfing, Soccer, Tag Rugby and Yoga.


"Pro Ed has been a positive growing experience for Sam (*) and ourselves ...... we express our gratitude for all you have done. He spent a fruitful 2½ years at Pro Ed and has grown from being an unhappy, under-confident person to a boy who is now happy and confident enough to give mainstream a shot. We believe that a school like Pro Ed is so needed in our community and has done him proud. "

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