There are three types of fees: 

Assessment fees

Parents are responsible for all assessment fees. These costs may be claimed back from Medical Aid. The fees incurred must be paid before the learner is admitted to the school. Should there be need for further assessments during the course of the child’s stay at Pro Ed House School, this will be discussed with parents, prior to assessments being carried out.

Individual Therapy Fees

Although group therapy fees are included in the school fees, individual therapy fees are paid by the parents and may be claimed back from Medical Aid.

Please inform our Administrator whether you belong to a Medical Aid Scheme and she will provide you with an account for group and individual therapy costs to be claimed back from your Medical Aid.

Registration/School Fees

The Registration fee is payable on confirmation of placement. This is a non-refundable Development Fee of R20 000. Pro Ed House School is a small school with a teacher/child ratio of nearly 1 to 5. The Development Fee assists with the development of the infrastructure of the school. At this point, the first month’s fee is also required to be paid. Should a child enter the school during the course of the term, a pro rata payment of fees will be calculated.

The fee structure is available on request from our administration office.

Monthly school fees include all group therapies. They do not include individual therapy.

More information regarding methods of payment, tax rebates and additional costs are available on request.


Printing Levy

At Pro Ed House School much of our teaching and homework is based on packs e.g. the literacy pack. No books are used. A great deal of paper and printing amounts to huge printing costs. Some of the costs of printing is reverted to parents.

Computer Levy

A general computer levy will be charged per term.

Maths Levy

An annual fee is charged for the child to be registered for the internationally acclaimed Mathletics programme.


An insurance levy will be charged per annum which will cover the child in the event of any unfortunate mishap that may require medical attention during school hours.


"Peter (*) has always been a highly intelligent boy with concentration difficulties. Pro Ed has been the best thing that happened in his life .... I would definitely recommend it to everybody. He achieves high marks in Maths, Science and English and is hoping to study for a BSc. Degree."

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