General / FAQ


There are three Phases, each Phase is comprised of two, three or more stages.

  • Foundation Phase is made up of Foundation 1, 2 and 3.
  • Intermediate Phase is made up of Intermediate 1 and 2.
  • Senior Phase is made up of Senior 1 and Senior 2.

School Hours

Foundation 1

Monday to Thursday 7.45 am. to 1 pm. (Term 1)


Monday to Thursday 7.45 am. to 2 pm. (Terms 2, 3, 4)

Foundation 2

Monday to Thursday 7.45 am. to 2 pm.

Foundation 3

Monday to Thursday  7.45 am. to 2 pm.

Intermediate 1

Monday to Thursday  7.45 am. to 2.30 pm.

Intermediate 2

Monday to Thursday  7.45 am. to 2.30 pm.

Senior 1

Monday to Thursday  7.45 am. to 2.30 pm.

Senior 2

Monday to Thursday  7.45 am. to 2.30 pm.


All classes are dismissed at 1 pm. on Fridays. Unfortunately, there are NO aftercare facilities, although there are facilities in the area. These may be discussed with us.



Children are required to wear their uniform at all times (except when they are allowed, for a variety of reasons, to wear “civvies”).

The wearing of jewellery (e.g. chains, necklaces, bangles, earrings etc.) is not permitted. Girls may wear small, plain sleeper earrings or studs. Children may not wear long-sleeved vests which protrude from short sleeves. Boys’ hair should be kept short and neat. Girls’ hair should be tied up when it goes beyond shoulder length, using navy/white/light blue hair-ties. Dyeing or bleaching of hair is not permitted.  We expect children to look neat at all times.


A list of required stationery is available from the school office. Stationery is obtainable from Waltons.


Because we encourage our children to have a balanced, healthy diet, we suggest lunches supplied from home include the following:

  • wholewheat bread/rolls
  • cheese (preferably not processed)
  • peanut butter
  • chicken or meat
  • carrots, other vegetables
  • fruit

We discourage cool drinks (such as Oros or fizzy drinks) and fruit juices, sweets, chocolates and chips. Special preferences should be discussed with the Principal.

Tuck Shop/Hot Lunch Programme - we offer a tuck shop service as well as a pre-ordered hot lunch programme.  The hot lunches are served from Monday to Thursday at second break (12.30 pm.). Healthy nutritious food is home cooked in advance - pupils are seated and communicate with their peers during the meal time.  Pre-ordered lunches form part of our commitment to a healthy lifestyle.  Order forms are available at the beginning of each term. 

Children on Medication

Some of our children require medication in order to derive maximum benefit from instruction. We expect medication to be administered at home regularly. Some parents prefer that medication is administered at school by a staff member and this can be arranged. Please keep us informed of any changes in medication.


"Peter (*) has always been a highly intelligent boy with concentration difficulties. Pro Ed has been the best thing that happened in his life .... I would definitely recommend it to everybody. He achieves high marks in Maths, Science and English and is hoping to study for a BSc. Degree."

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