Evidence-Based Instruction For Development Of Reading Skills

Recent scientific breakthroughs have shown that all children can learn to read, provided that their problem is identified early and that reading is guided systematically through direct, multisensory instruction in phoneme awareness, phonics, word structure, vocabulary development, text level fluency and comprehension strategies (National Reading Panel, USA 2000).

At Pro Ed House School the daily Literacy Hour is an essential component of the curriculum. Small groups of children are grouped together on the basis of their specific needs in Literacy. Instruction is provided by specialist teachers and by speech therapists. Additional individual support is offered to children who need it.

Instruction is informed by programmes which have shown success internationally and have been approved by the National Reading Panel of the USA, among others.

Programmes such as the Landmark College Reading Programme, Wilson Reading Programme, RAVE-O Programme, Reading Eggs/Reading Xpress are innovative reading programmes designed to promote fluent reading skills. The Read Naturally Programme reinforces fluency and comprehension.

Reading Enhancement Programmes for Parents

Parents are encouraged to attend workshops where explicit instruction is offered on how to enhance reading development at home and to develop the child’s belief in himself/herself as a reader.

Assistance by parents, grandparents or older siblings in this regard is of fundamental importance and personal guidance in this regard can be provided.


"I remember so clearly the day when I was at the threshold of Pro Ed, holding back my tears and uncertain as to what would become of Steven (*). I cannot thank you enough for the kindness, care and humanity with which you received us and which you continue to show us. Thank you for having made a place for Steven at your special school."

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