Pro Ed House is one of few primary schools in South Africa that has a Maths specialist who oversees the teaching of Mathematics from grades one to seven.

The aims are:

  • to make Mathematics both meaningful and enjoyable
  • to promote thinking through problem solving, and
  • to show children the relevance of Mathematics to daily life.

A Problem of the Week  is posted for both the Junior and Senior Phases each week, which is well supported.

Every child is assessed annually and their progress tracked.  We use a standardised assessment as well as regular diagnostic assessments, based on the CAPS curriculum, which are prepared by the Maths specialist who consults with teachers weekly.

The entire school is enrolled for Mathletics, an online programme that encourages the practice of Mathematics.  The performance of each child is monitored by the class teacher, who also keeps a record of certificates earned.  These are acknowledged in weekly Assemblies and a special trophy is awarded to those who obtain a total of 100 certificates.

Children are encouraged to participate in the national Living Maths Olympiad for which they also receive certificates.  In 2016, two children in Intermediate Two achieved second place in South Africa.


"My name is Linda (*). I am 19, have been to three schools and finished matric with a university entrance. I am studying dance, theatre and drama, do modern, tap, ballet, hip hop, jazz and contemporary dance, play violin and piano and did karate. What people don’t know is that I am dyslexic and have ADHD, and my second school was Pro Ed. I also have an extremely short attention span and limited memory. Looking back on my schooling being at Pro Ed was the best use of my time and the best investment my parents could have made for my future."

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