Thinking Skills

Together with Thinking Schools South Africa and Thinking Schools International (UK), Pro Ed House School is dedicated to developing 21st Century learners, who are committed to and value habits of mind that lead to successful learning, resilience and resourcefulness in an ever changing 21st Century world.

The following Tools and Strategies to enhance learning and promote cognitive growth are used:

  • Bright Start (Foundation 1 and 2)
  • De Bono-6 Thinking Hats
  • Habits of Mind
  • Thinking Maps
  • Reflective Questioning and Mediation
  • Visible Thinking Routines
  • Collaborative Networking
  • Parent Involvement in Developing and Sustaining Growth Mindsets.

What are Executive Function Skills?

Central to ADHD and learning differences are deficient executive function skills, those elements of cognition that allow for self-regulation of our day to day functioning.

Basic patterns of thought such as planning, organising, shifting between tasks, goal setting, working memory and self-monitoring are slow to develop in children with learning differences. Explicit and regularly repeated teaching of these skills is required through the daily use of strategies, checklists and goals. Each child is provided with his/her own strategy file that best suits his/her learning.

Cogmed Working Memory Training

Cogmed is a research based cognitive programme designed in Sweden by neuroscientists to enhance the efficiency of working memory. The systematic and focused programme challenges a student’s working memory capacity through 25 computerised presentations over five weeks at school.

We evaluate our students’ working memory and those children showing evidence of weak working memory in the classroom, and in our assessments, are encouraged to complete the five week course, under the guidance of our Swedish-trained coaches and qualified psychologist, Dr Worrall.  We monitor pupil’s progress and check pre and post responses to intervention.

Pro Ed House School is one of the only schools in South Africa to carry out the Cogmed programme.

Pro Ed House School is a Member of the Independent Schools Association of Southern Africa and is registered with the Western Cape Department of Education.


"I think that it would be nice for any interested parent to know Graham’s (*) story and that there is a bright future ahead for all children, given the right opportunities and training. The day he became an independent learner at Pro Ed was the day he started to take pride in himself. He spent three years at Pro Ed and he is now a BSc Hons graduate."

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