Our Mission and Goals

Our Mission

At Pro Ed House School we believe in nurturing boys and girls, who learn differently and who are uncomfortable in the mainstream, to progress in a safe, encouraging and structured school environment.  We do this by recognising their unique learning strengths and by providing alternative and focused learning methods, in an encouraging atmosphere and in a multidisciplinary setting, in close liaison with their parents.

We encourage all members of our school to be aware of their rights and responsibilities, and be clear of the values and attitudes expected of them.

We believe in a common philosophy, shared by the children, their parents and staff, that sets boundaries, rewards positive behaviour and encourages respect and consideration for ourselves and others.


We aim to reintegrate the children into the mainstream school. However, individual progress can only be determined by the children themselves. Experience has shown that a minimum stay of two to three years is required and most of our children may need to stay for much longer. We think that the longer they stay at Pro Ed House School, the more they benefit and consolidate their learning and motivation.


"I asked Michael (*) how his reading is coming along and this was his reply: “Mom, in our classroom there is a sign in the reading area that says Reading is Fun, well reading is now fun but at (previous school) it was never fun!” I asked him why he felt this way now, and this was his reply: “Because at Pro Ed they have changed the way we have to read and it is just far more fun”. A friend’s mom overhead this conversation between her son and Michael, Michael’s friend asked: “how is your new school Mike?” He answered: “I love my new school”. His friend asked, “Why?” and Michael answered “because there is no pressure on me”. "

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