On behalf of the Pro Ed House School community of children, teachers and therapists, welcome to our website.

We hope that you will explore the information found here and then visit us in person. Upon doing so, we are confident that you will understand why we think that Pro Ed House School is an exceptional learning environment for bright children with learning differences, for the following reasons:

  • Specialised teachers who are caring, knowledgeable and committed to their students differentiated learning needs.
  • Our teachers have ongoing professional development, particularly related to students who learn differently.
  • A focus on learners’ social and emotional development as well as their metacognitive and academic development.
  • An emphasis on developing self-knowledge and self-advocacy skills.
  • A programme that focuses on developing personal characteristics that facilitate learning, thinking and problem solving.
  • Small class sizes (maximum 13-14) with extensive opportunities for differentiation and individual attention.

We look forward to welcoming you at Pro Ed House School.

Schooling Setting

Schooling Setting

Pro Ed House School accommodates learners in a primary school setting (Grades 1-7). We offer a full multidisciplinary team of educational psychologists, speech and occupational therapists and specialist teachers. Pro Ed House School was established in 1998 by Dr Anita Worrall, a cognitive and developmental psychologist. Pro Ed House Centre, established in 1978, is an assessment and therapy unit for children with learning differences. Dr Worrall, with a life-long interest in cognitive development, has degrees from Canada (BA, Hons Psychology McGill), USA (MA, PhD, Cornell) and Australia (Diploma in Special Education, Canberra University). In 2015, Dr. Worrall received the Chancellor’s Medal from North West University for her contribution to Cognitive Education in South Africa. The children at Pro Ed House range from dyslexic, dyspraxia, specific language disorder, visuo-motor difficulties, ADHD, and Asperger Syndrome. They are intelligent and motivated children who have taken to thinking skills well.



At Pro Ed House School we believe in nurturing boys and girls, who learn differently and who are uncomfortable in the mainstream, to progress in a safe, encouraging and structured school environment. We do this by recognising their unique learning strengths and by providing alternative and focused learning methods, in an encouraging atmosphere and in a multidisciplinary setting, in close liaison with their parents. We encourage all members of our school to be aware of their rights and responsibilities, and be clear of the values and attitudes expected of them. We believe in a common philosophy, shared by the children, their parents and staff, that sets boundaries, rewards positive behaviour and encourages respect and consideration for ourselves and others. .

Goals and Values

Goals and Values

At Pro Ed House School we believe that to prepare our children to return to mainstream school they need to become active, independent learners and problem solvers. From its inception, children have been exposed to the best learning strategies and to cognitive education training. However, individual progress can only be determined by the children themselves. Experience has shown that a minimum stay of two to three years is required and most of our children may need to stay for much longer. We believe that explicit teaching of thinking will transfer to content – and we see this happening. We believe that metacognitive thinking is central to self-regulation and that this will prepare our children in their transition to mainstream schools.


Directors Statement

“I know that children’s belief in themselves is strongly related to how they progress at school.

Since 1998, Pro Ed House School has been successfully teaching students to learn how to learn by integrating learning strategies through each daily activity and by showing them how to become effective learners.

When a child regularly fails at school, he/she ceases to try, avoids challenging situations and falls increasingly behind her/his peers. I also feel for their parents, the concern they express, their disappointments and confusion as they try to help their child.

It has been my lifelong passion to assist these children to develop and grow into competent young people, who are able to reach their rich potential. At Pro Ed House School we believe in growing children into smart and confident learners, able to face the ever-growing challenges of the 21st Century.

It is generally accepted now that a solid foundation in the early years at school is essential and, at Pro Ed House School, we lay this foundation.  We have a high record of success by:

  • Cultivating dispositions to learn independently and in collaboration with others.
  • Encouraging the use of strategies and tools to help with learning.
  • Intensive, evidence-based instruction in reading, writing and Maths.

Our therapists assist the process by focusing on the skills underlying learning, skills such as verbal expression, visual-spatial problem solving and emotional resilience.

Again, and again we are rewarded by our past learners, who often return to visit and to tell us of their achievements in the years after leaving Pro Ed House School. They are accomplished young people, who shine as head of schools, graduates in business, actresses and even an Olympic gold medallist.”

Dr Anita Worrall, BA Hons (McGill, Canada) MA PhD (Cornell, USA), Dipl in Sp Ed (Canberra, Australia)