Pro Ed House School continuously strives towards the highest standards in all its academic endeavours, taking into account the differentiated learning needs of our students.

Our Curriculum is an adjusted version of the National Curriculum Statement (CAPS) and focuses on the unique needs of the School and the special needs of the students.

The growth in learning and social/emotional development of our learners serve as a primary focus. Stimulating independent thinking skills, strategies and remaining open to continuous learning among the students forms part of our curriculum that is also designed to foster cognitive development and promote individuality and differentiated learning.

Creating life-long learners is engendered through the teaching of exciting lessons, collaborative learning and extending the learning experience through trips and tours to places of interest.

Reporting to Parents

The school – home – child link is of prime importance at Pro Ed House School. This link is vital in ensuring that all children attending the school are supported to the best of our ability. Reporting and feedback to parents is crucial to supporting this process and is undertaken in a number of ways:

Informally, throughout the year: in the classroom, via the school’s ‘Open Door’ Policy; Parent Coffee Mornings; home-school link; and ‘Meet the Teachers’ (in Term 1). Informal meetings with parents, regarding student success/behavioural and/or social difficulties, are addressed as needed, with a view to planning and implementing a management plan.

Incidental feedback is given to parents by letter, telephone, email, D6 Communicator and directly in person.

Formally, Mid-Year and End-of-Year Written Reports are offered. These are linked to individual growth, social/emotional and cognitive development and achievement in learning areas.

Individualised Education Plans (IEP) are planned and implemented at the beginning of Term 1 with the involvement of our Director, Dr. Worrall (Educational Psychologist), parents, and our multi-disciplinary team of teachers and therapists. The IEPs are tracked and updated with feedback to parents given in Term 3. Parents are involved and contribute to IEPs relating to the goals of a child at the pivotal feedback sessions.