Peter (*) has always been a highly intelligent boy with concentration difficulties. Pro Ed has been the best thing that happened in his life …. I would definitely recommend it to everybody. He achieves high marks in Maths, Science and English and is hoping to study for a BSc. Degree. – Parent

Bruce (*) is now in Grade 8 and his progress has been steadily and consistently improving on his overall marks. He has grown into a very charming and mature young man and is taking absolute responsibility for his school life and making excellent choices and progress. He has a large group of friends and is very popular but still extremely humble and compassionate. He was also accepted into Mensa.” – Parent

I remember so clearly the day when I was at the threshold of Pro Ed, holding back my tears and uncertain as to what would become of Steven (*). I cannot thank you enough for the kindness, care and humanity with which you received us and which you continue to show us. Thank you for having made a place for Steven at your special school. – Parent

I remember the first day I came to Pro Ed with Abdulla (*) …. it was an emotional day as I wanted him to start talking, learning, playing like any other kid. I did not understand what was happening but I trusted and put my faith in your team. We saw great improvement and as the months have gone by the foundation that was laid proved to be extremely strong and valuable. In our minds and hearts, without undermining the effort our son put in, we know that this could not have been possible without Pro Ed and the terrific teachers that he had the opportunity of being taught by. – Parent

Just thought you would like to know how Gavin (*) is progressing so far in a mainstream school. I am happy to say that he continues with his ‘can do’ attitude and determination, we are extremely pleased with his exam results. A comment from his teacher: “he has become more interactive and an independent thinker”. Thanks to the Pro Ed team Gavin continues to strive with confidence.” -Parent

Barry (*) really enjoyed being at Pro Ed House. He made good progress and lasting friendships during his time there. As his parents, we are grateful for the respect and kindness shown to us all.” – Parent

I asked Michael (*) how his reading is coming along and this was his reply: “Mom, in our classroom there is a sign in the reading area that says Reading is Fun, well reading is now fun but at (previous school) it was never fun!” I asked him why he felt this way now, and this was his reply: “Because at Pro Ed they have changed the way we have to read and it is just far more fun”. A friend’s mom overhead this conversation between her son and Michael, Michael’s friend asked: “how is your new school Mike?” He answered: “I love my new school”. His friend asked, “Why?” and Michael answered “because there is no pressure on me”. ” – Parent

My name is Linda (*). I am 19, have been to three schools and finished matric with a university entrance. I am studying dance, theatre and drama, do modern, tap, ballet, hip hop, jazz and contemporary dance, play violin and piano and did karate. What people don’t know is that I am dyslexic and have ADHD, and my second school was Pro Ed. I also have an extremely short attention span and limited memory. Looking back on my schooling being at Pro Ed was the best use of my time and the best investment my parents could have made for my future. Past Pupil (*Not pupil’s real name).

When the mainstream school informed us that Junaid (*) had learning difficulties and had given up on him, we came across pro Ed. This was the BEST decision we could ever have made for him and for us as a family. The staff welcomed him and us, always focusing on the POSITIVES and he thrived. He gained so much confidence and finally began to believe in himself, came out from behind the walls he had built to protect himself from all the criticism. Once he mainstreamed into high school, he was elected Head Boy. We believe that he would never have been able to accomplish this without having attended Pro Ed.”- Parent

Pro Ed has been a positive growing experience for Sam (*) and ourselves …… we express our gratitude for all you have done. He spent a fruitful 2½ years at Pro Ed and has grown from being an unhappy, under-confident person to a boy who is now happy and confident enough to give mainstream a shot. We believe that a school like Pro Ed is so needed in our community and has done him proud. – Parent

I think that it would be nice for any interested parent to know Graham’s (*) story and that there is a bright future ahead for all children, given the right opportunities and training. The day he became an independent learner at Pro Ed was the day he started to take pride in himself. He spent three years at Pro Ed and he is now a BSc Hons graduate.” – Parent

Frank (*) has loved your class and looks forward to going to school, which helps home life immensely. Thank you to this wonderful school where learning is exciting and important and developing such wonderful strategies for our children.– Parent

Colin (*) now in Grade 5, struggles with handwriting and written expression and thanks to Pro Ed he has received the right practice like using multi-sensory exercises and building muscle memory. “Just shows how fantastic Pro Ed is.  Thank you to all of you.  We are very fortunate.” – Parent