Once a month, we encourage parents to attend our important Coffee Mornings. An event where a wide range of topics, relating to our school, are presented. These well attended forums strengthen our very valuable home-school-link – a vital cornerstone of our school.

Date Workshop
20-Feb The Science of Reading   (Ms Mandy Kowarski)
07-Mar Maths for Moms & Dads   (Ms Sue Gibbings)
17-Apr Executive Functions (Dr Worrall/Ms Belinda Backwell)
25-Apr ADHD Medical vs Non-Medical Treatment (Dr Uli Meys Consultant Child & Adolescent Psychiatrist)                   
02-May IQAA Parent Focus Group   (Ms Belinda Backwell/Ms     Sue Gibbings)
15-May Choosing Reading Books for your Child and Getting the Most Out of It (Ms Catherine Shaw)
12-Jun The Science of Reading   (Ms Mandy Kowarski)