Speech and Language Therapy

  • Receptive and expressive language difficulties/delays
  • Articulation and phonological difficulties
  • Specific language difficulties
  • Cognitive or other developmental delays
  • Social communication groups
  • Early childhood intervention (0-5yrs)

Occupational Therapy

  • Sensory integration difficulties
  • Sensory motor difficulties – Dyspraxia
  • Bilateral integration difficulties
  • Gross and fine motor coordination difficulties
  • Visual perception and visual motor difficulties
  • Handwriting difficulties
  • Handwriting assessments for the older learner

Learning Support

  • Scholastic assessments for school readiness
  • Formal standardised literacy assessments
  • Remedial reading intervention programmes
  • Remedial numeral intervention programmes
  • Written expression programmes
  • Comprehension programmes


  • Latest Cognitive Assessments (WPPSI IV and WISC V)
  • School readiness assessments and recommendations
  • Psycho-educational assessments and recommendations
  • Individual educational plans
  • Behaviour management programmes
  • Cognitive programmes
  • Intervention for children with ADHD

All therapies offered at the centre are individual and small group sessions at 30 min, 45 min or 1-hour sessions.

To make an appointment, or for any additional information, please call our office and one of our friendly secretaries will assist you.