10 June 2019

Pro Ed House School is Celebrating

Pro Ed House School, a specialist school for children with learning and attention difficulties, is celebrating its 21st birthday having


18 October 2016

Pro Ed House Schools Metacognitive Commitment to Education

Dr. Anita Worrall, (PhD Cornell, USA), a developmental and cognitive school psychologist is the coordinator. She has organised and facilitated


18 October 2016

Thinking Skills

Together with Thinking Schools South Africa and Thinking Schools International (UK), Pro Ed House School is dedicated to developing 21st


18 October 2016

Thinking Schools of South Africa (TSSA)

We have found that Thinking Maps, developed by David Hyerle, lend themselves beautifully to our metacognitive and strategy learning curriculum.


18 October 2016

Art Costa’s Habits of Mind

Our children love the Habits and are able to label them and see value in them – for example, “finding


18 October 2016

Visible Thinking

Recently, we introduced Ron Ritchhart’s Visible Thinking Routines.12 Routines such as chalk/talk or think-puzzle-explore uncover students’ thinking and establish a


18 October 2016


To those children who experience serious working memory problems, we offer Cogmed,13 a working memory program frequently used in schools


18 October 2016

De Bono’s Thinking Hats

Edward de Bono is the founding father of these six thinking hats technique and wrote a book about this called the Six Thinking Hats in