An accredited Global Thinking School by the University of Exeter, U.K.

Pro Ed House School’s Metacognitive Commitment to Education

Dr. Anita Worrall, (PhD Cornell, USA), an educational psychologist is the coordinator. She has organised and facilitated in-service training to Pro Ed House staff, and has offered coffee mornings to acquaint Pro Ed House School parents with Thinking Maps, Habits of Mind, Executive Functions and the Growth Mindset among others. She is one of the founders of Thinking Schools South Africa (TSSA), and Chairs the National Board of TSSA.

Through in-service training (Friday afternoons 1.30 – 3.00 pm.) and different workshops, the staff are continuously exposed to cognitive education training on Thinking Maps, Habits of Mind, De Bono Thinking Hats, Visible Thinking Routines, Anderson’s Revision of Bloom’s Taxonomy, Executive Functions and the Growth Mindset.

Staff are committed to attending different workshops offered by Thinking Schools South Africa.